S-Keeper 7 Type Approved CEMS @ next SMM Hamburg 2016

S-Keeper 7 Type Approved CEMS @ next SMM Hamburg 2016

FUJI ELECTRIC & TECNOVA HT team will present next week @SMM Hamburg booth Hall B2.UF Stand 101.1 the new amazing S-Keeper 7 Type Approved CEMS MARPOL Annex VI NOx Technical Code fully compliance engineered to fit in Ship Efficiency Strategy and LNG Powered Units.

S-Keeper 7™ is a Continuous Emissions Monitoring System CEMS Type Approved for marine application fully engineered, integrated and validated in accordance with the applicable Directives. S-Keeper 7™ is made in Italy by Tecnova HT.

S-Keeper 7™ is in compliance with:

  • MARPOL Annex VI Reg. 13 & 14
  • MEPC Circ. 471, 177(58), 259(68)
  • IEC 60092-504

S-Keeper 7™ is fully tailored to the Shipowner’s requirements with particular focus on CaPex & OpEx balance.

S-Keeper 7™ is integrated with a modern PEM Propulsion Efficiency Monitor, thus encompassing metered Fuel Consumption, Fuel Oil Viscosity, Thrust and Torque measuring Systems.

Thanks to the specific engineering of this modular system, the S-Keeper 7™ installation is able to withstand the toughest marine environment.

On-board maintenance is easy even for an unskilled operator, while the SPMP Spare Parts Management Program ensures the traceability of every single component and its availability on the ship’s course.